Friday Mishmash Returns! Daniel Radcliffe really IS a wizard, and more.

  • The Harry Potter actor really is a wizard. Of rap:


Speaking of writing, who’s doing NaNoWriMo this year? Don’t listen to haters. Don’t read those shitty blogs bitching and moaning about how everyone and their brother is a “writer” now, and how “you’re not REALLY an ‘author‘ unless you are paid to write,” blah blah fucking blah. Chase those words, my friends. Make imaginary people (or cats or aliens or bookends or whatever) dance to your whims. I’ll see you on the other side of it! (Yes, that’s CC-code for “I’m actually working on shit and I’m going to do the NaNo dance, too).


Spoopy Halloween!

Spoopy Halloween!

Jesus Christ, THIS again.

Sometimes I feel like we need a special badge or icon for those of us authors who solemnly swear we won’t go psycho-apeshit on bloggers/reviewers.

  • Books are NOT babies. Once they’re out there, they’re not “you.” By publishing, you have consciously set your stories loose into the world as a product to be consumed, criticized, turned into cage lining, whatever.
  • Negative reviews, even of an author rather than their books, does NOT EQUAL BULLYING. To even imply as much is an insult to actual victims of bullying.
  • Pseudonyms are okay for anyone. Including bloggers and reviewers.
  • Butthurt is a totally normal and human reaction. Internet “stalking” can be argued as a fairly common and human activity, so long as you keep that shit to yourself. This fucked up shit that Kathleen Hale did? NOT OKAY.
  • Reviewers do not destroy writing careers. Writers destroy their own writing careers.

Knock it the fuck off. Please.

Link/Quote of massive awesome by one of the greatest songwriters of all time

I became awesome through work, and focus, a tiny bit of talent, and a massive amount of persistence. And let’s not forget about luck. That’s the key point. Without that, nothing happens right in the world. I started out awful. And I ended up awesome for all of those reasons, and anybody can do it, all you have to do is devote your life and your mind and your heart to it, and you’re on your way going in the right direction.

-Neil Diamond, from 10/16/2014 Reddit AMA


I, too, am on Ello. But there is something you might want to know about Ello, called Venture Capital Funding.

I haven’t done anything with it, but if you want to hook up just in case, you can find me at @ccdenham. Now, on to the grit: Apparently, Ello is venture capital funded. This is kind of a deal, maybe a deal-breaker for some who are looking at Ello as a means to break free from The Man in social media. You might want to check it out.

Music Monday: Selfie Edition

Once upon a time, before I wrote stories (well, before I went back to writing stories), I wrote music. And sang and played it, and recorded it. I made an album, with the help of two incredibly talented friends. And then – I dropped the ball. I didn’t release it, didn’t market or sell it. I don’t know why. Well, I kind of know why, but that explanation would just devolve into a bunch of dumb psychobabble. Anyway, I recently decided to at least just put the damned thing out there. I’m still proud of it, some songs more than others. And it’s not like I’m going to take over the world with my music, anyway. People may as well be able to hear it. So, today’s Music Monday is some shameless self-promotion.


Reverbnation, btw, is one of the most annoying and user-unfriendly sites I’ve dealt with in a while. At least from the artists’ end. Listening is pretty easy, though. Enjoy! Or, not.