That Review Thing. (for like, the 132nd time)

Oh, look – an actual blog post!

Yep, I’ve let myself just drift away from blogs and social internetting from an authorial standpoint. Today’s commentary on Dear Author about Online Reviewing has me thinking and blog-writing, however.

See – and I may have mentioned this before – I’ve gotten burned out on the whole book blog circuit. Both writing blogs and book review blogs, and blogs that discuss everything in between. Hell, I’m still burned-out. It’s depressing as fuck for me to peek in and see the same shit, different month. And it only appears to be getting worse. Whether it’s plagiarism, the debate between trad-publishing and self-publishing, buying reviews, author-reader/reviewer-interaction, or plain butthurt-authors-behaving-badly, it all just brings me down. I have better things to spend my energy on, like writing. Or hell, just looking at pretty men.

But I guess it begs to be said again, at least here, since this is the only place I have control over:

Review whatever the fuck you want. Snark all you want. Did I get butthurt about the one DNF review of The Switch I saw? Sure, but on my own time and in private. As a writer, once you publish, it’s no longer your baby. It’s a product that is on the proverbial shelves, and if someone wants to just line a birdcage with it, then that’s their right.

Seriously, I don’t get where these authors have the time to spend campaigning the review circuit. I wish I were that independently wealthy.

And for what it’s worth, I also agree about piracy. Please, advertise my books, spread my name around via word of mouth for free. It’s not like I’d be making enough money to pay mortgage from those books, anyway. But if my name shows up on enough file sharing sites, maybe someday I’ll be well-known enough to see some actual income. Or at least gain enough traffic to show to a trad publisher when I shop out my Big Damned Novels.

Music Monday is Gray and Sultry

It’s a little old school, but so understated and gorgeous - Mad About You from The Soul Cages album, by Sting:

Really, that whole album is magical. Incredible poetry, incredible songwriting, top notch arrangement and performances from all the musicians involved, as well as truly beautiful production and engineering values.


Throwback Thursday, sort of? Star Wars a la John Hughes!

Two delicious memories combined in a lovely series of sketches by Denis Medri – Star Wars if it existed in an 80′s John Hughes high school universe. 

I love this, so very, very much.

And for a personal throwback Thursday, here’s a picture my old college roommate recently dug up. We were very, very high and laughing over hot nacho cheese, apparently.

the forgotten cheese incident

the forgotten cheese incident

That’s even a promo T-shirt from the release of Peter Gabriel’s US album I’m wearing. Good times.

And finally, because I’ve been remiss on my humpday hotties, I give you a Throwback Hottie. Mr. “O” – ldman as Dracula:

No Sparkles Needed

No Sparkles Needed