It’s Here!

My short story, Deluxe Package is finally finished, formatted, covered, and available for purchase at just about all of your usual ebook outlets! You can find it now on SmashWords and AmazonAll Romance eBooks, and B&N. And, of course, once it’s been manually approved with SmashWords, it will be available through a number of other sites, as well! I’m a firm believer in widespread distribution, so my books will always be available in as many different formats as possible.

*Whew*! Can I just take a moment and say that self-publishing isn’t easy?

Since I’m a pretty new face around these parts, I’d also like to say something upfront: I don’t care how a book gets published. I have too many other things to focus on to get all soapboxy about the whole “self-publishing vs. traditional” debate. I think both have their value, and I think it’s foolish to harbor blanket opinions (and make blanket statements!) about one or the other. So, yeah. There.

Me, I’ll be self-publishing a few things, and shopping other things to smaller e-publishers, and maybe shopping even bigger things to agents. Next in my queue is a lovely little BDSM erotic romance novella called Switch. Keep your eyes peeled!


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