Friday MishMash the First! Featuring Gorgeous Men, Puppies, and Hot Lava.

I realize most of us don’t have an hour to kill, but if you do, the Firefly 10 Year Reunion panel at this year’s Comic Con is absolutely worth it. Yeah, I’m totally a browncoat at heart. I love what Joss says at the end about the fans inhabiting his world and making it real. From a writer’s perspective, that struck home and made my throat get all knotted up.

As if the sheer cuteness isn’t enough to make you keel over in a diabetic coma, these six golden retriever pups are being trained early to become service dogs for our veterans, as part of the Warrior Canine Connection program. For more info beyond the puppy-cam adorable-overload, visit Warrior Canine Connection.

Here’s an interesting explanation of why the camera adds ten pounds. Also a good explanation of why certain fat-chick self-portrait camera angles work best. BTW, don’t come at me for using the f-word – I’m speaking as a fat-chick who knows how to do those camera tricks.

When I was a kid, one of the things I wanted to be when I grew up was a volcanologist. Maybe a little bit because my family spent some time in Hawaii, and although I was too young to remember much of it, it’s definitely part of us. But more because, dude – volcanoes! They’re amazing. The island volcanoes are just some kind of spiritual wonder that’s beyond words for me. That you can witness the birth of land itself is incredible and awe-inspiring. Don’t believe me? Check out the photographic works of CJ Kale and Nick Selway of Lava Light Galleries in Kailua Kona, as they capture this phenomenon on a regular basis.

MELT-ALERT: This is one of my favorite videos, as it brings together one of my muses (and one of the most attractive, charismatic men I know of in the public eye), David Gandy, and DOGS. Mr. Gandy, if you didn’t already know, is the ambassador for the Battersea Dog and Cats Home.

And finally, two more non-mashup things:

I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has purchased Deluxe Package so far. This morning I officially broke 100 sales! I realize that’s a tiny amount compared to so many other authors. However, it’s my first story – not even a book, just a short-story. I guess this is kind of like me framing my first dollar earned in a new business/store. Thank you, out there, whoever you are!

And finally, although this is just, right now, a little baby startup blog, from a little baby startup author, I wanted to say that my heart is with the victims and their families/friends of last night’s theater shooting in Colorado. Words are little to no justice for the sadness I feel over this horrible incident.


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