Friday is Fabulous! And angry, and hot, and hopeful, and adorkable, and…

LOTS of awesomeness to share this Friday, despite the fact that my AC is out and I’m in the hot, sultry south. They’re supposedly coming to work on it today, so let’s begin with a little bit of hope, yeah?

First off, it appears that two more people are showing signs of possible HIV cure, thanks to specific circumstances in bone marrow transplants. Here’s to hoping that science is on a path toward a common cure!

Next up, simply because they’re just awesome – Big Cat Rescue is the largest accredited sanctuary in the world dedicated entirely to abused and abandoned big cats. I follow them on facebook for a regular dose big cat happiness and awareness.

Now, here – have a giant Lego bridge. Actually, that gives me a great idea. Maybe I’ll start including something Lego-related every Friday. Because, dude – LEGOS.

And finally, two videos of excellent excellence which you should just follow in general:

Pomplamoose covering the Angry Birds theme! Apart from the great talent displayed here both in creativity, arrangement, and musical proficiency, Nataly Dawn does a really impressive crazy-eyes look.

And yes, that’s the duo on the Hyundai commercial.

If I had them on a bookshelf, I would probably file Pomplamoose next to Julia Nunes, thanks to the quirky, adorkable, creative brilliance factor:

(I’m totally saving her Nightmare Before Christmas cover for later this year.) (PS – if you’re allergic to the Justin Bieber thing, check out her Counting Crows cover, instead. I love her voice, too.)

And finally, the Potterhead in me would be remiss if I didn’t include FuriousMolecules‘ new webseries, “Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later”

Oh! And I should mention that, before I put together my ‘official WordPress-based blog’ over here, I’d started the same at Blogger. And, at the time, I signed up for a bloghop. That’s open now, and you should go clicky and jet on over to comment and qualify for some sweet, sweet giveaways!


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