Friday Links!

Okay, people. It’s becoming clear to me that, if I am going to increase my day-job workload and keep writing, I’m going to have to severely cut back on my internet surfing time. Which is a little sad, since I feel like I’ve finally found my balance of sites I love to visit regularly. But, big-girl panties and bootstraps and all that shit.

So, in sort of an honorary nod to those sites, and because I am simply short on time for a nifty mash-up post of images and videos, I present to you: My List.

Author, pottymouth, and gritty writing guru Chuck Wendig
Kristen Lamb, whose words of wisdom have guided me to the waters of social media for writers
Dear Author – the place for readers and writers who don’t bother with fluff. Plus, Jane Litte is a lawyer and is smart and usually has some interesting, intelligent things to say
Smart Bitches, Trashy Books (the title kind of says it all)
Romance Divas, where I should probably spend more time on their blog and less on their forums!

Might add to the list later, but for now, over and out! Happy Friday, y’all! Be safe!


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