Yes, I flaked on my Monday Common Grounds post.

My wonderfully fantastic mother was here for my birthday and to see the closing performance of a show I musical-directed/accompanied, and to tool around and buy purses and LUSH products and go to the aquarium, and well, writing just didn’t happen. It was such a great visit, however, I can’t bring myself to apologize or feel bad.

Of course, had I amassed a stockpile of blog posts, like you’re supposed to do, this wouldn’t even be an issue.

Aaand, part of the reason I didn’t have a stockpile of blogs is that I may have been overambitious in my posting schedule. And that’s okay – there’s a bit of trial and error, here, naturally. Being mistress of my domain, that’s totally allowed.

That said, I think it’s more realistic for me to go with two blog posts per week, for now, anyway. Business with my dayjob is due to pick up (dear god, it really needs to, before we start hitting panic mode with DH being unemployed and on the frantic job hunt in this shite economy). I am also working on tweaking my overall life schedule, tightening up the time I spend goofing off, getting better and more consistent sleep, writing more New Words, and exercising regularly. All of that means less internet time. And what time I spend on the internet needs to be business-first.

So, from here on out, Common Grounds will happen some time in the early half of the week, and will include certain recurring themes every couple of weeks (like kick-ass heroines, or BDSM, for example). Friday MishMash will still be Fridays, and there might be the occasional third post in there when the mood or need strikes. Hopefully, as I start wrapping up Switch and Thread of Gold, I will have more blogging time and more to blog about, with regards to my own stories and characters!

In the meantime, have an otter!


One response to “Tweaking

  1. I always tell myself I’m going to stockpile blog posts too, and I do half-write some when I have an idea on the train or when i’m out. But I never have even a single finished one on hand!

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