Friday’s About Dogs and Hope and Perspective and Smiles and SERENITY!

Today’s Mish-Mash is really all over the place! I blame the drugs that haven’t kicked in, yet. Come on, naproxen, get with it!

First up: the dogs. Yes, more dogs. I am a dog person (cats are okay – I even have a couple, but dogs are where it’s at in my world), so you’ll probably see them a lot in my Friday posts.

Here’s a neat story about a mother dog who saved her pups from a burning house and placed them on a firetruck. Complete with pictures.

If you haven’t seen this sweet photo bouncing around the internet yet, or even if you have, the story of John Unger and his arthritic, 19 year old best friend and dog, Schoep, is a sweet, touching story. The smaller story here is how that one photo/song/story can really make a career, and you never really know which one. Kudos to Hannah Stonehouse Hudson for her work. In addition to professional photography, “to give back, she does free shoots of hard-to-place animals for local shelters.”

Okay! Onward from the doggies!

I have to admit, I’m kind of proud of the fact that up until now, I had never actually heard the song, Call Me Maybe. Despite all the internet memes I’ve seen, I’ve successfully avoided it. Until today:

It was so worth it.

And finally, a neat little short film about bad days and perspective:

No, wait, that’s not the final one. HOW could I forget the weekly LEGO geekery? This week’s Lego brilliance is all kinds of amazing and hits every one of my happy geek buttons. It’s The Serenity – a 7′ long masterpiece in extreme detail, inside and out, including characters. Click the link for the grand tour:

Have a great weekend, y’all!


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