Friday is drugs and Daleks and pretty men!

New addition to the Friday line-up, y’all! I gotta do it. Hotness of the week. It’s totally because of tumblr and the fact that images on my posts show up in the preview thingy when it goes over thataways. That said, I now spin the wheel of hormality and it lands on…

Henry Cavill, Man of Steel, come on down! (Gotta squeeze you in here in case you really do get miscast as Christian Grey and lose all status in my harem.)

Alrighty, then! Onward!

This fabulously crafty Whovian Mom made a Doctor Who quiet book for her 2-year-old. The awesomeness is off the charts with this one:

Brushing the weeping angels’ teeth? I don’t even…

I’m only just now beginning to look in the direction of Breaking Bad, but for this week’s Lego pick, I had to share this Lego Breaking Bad Meth Lab.:

And, while we’re on the topic of drugs, there’s also this:

No, I don’t actually watch MLP FiM, but I am familiar enough with it to appreciate this wtf-tastic take on one of my favorite wtf-tastic 80s songs.

Finally, there’s something new and beautiful on the horizon for the number “50.” It’s Mark Z. Danielewski’s upcoming release, The Fifty Year Sword.   The packaging on this baby looks simply delicious. But I am purposefully not reading that article, or anything about the book. I’m going to hit this one completely blind. If you’re not yet familiar with Danielewski, or the name only rings a bell, he’s the author of House of Leaves, an artistic, psychological spook-fest mind-warp masterpiece thingy. Also, he’s brother to the beautiful and magnificent Ann Danielewski, AKA Poe.

(I have actually decided that I need to go on a Danielewski bender, re-read HoL, hit The Whalestoe Letters, and tackle Only Revolutions before this fall. It’ll be like old times, reading real, honest to god paper books…)


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