Fridays are Farewells

Yeesh, that sounds so sad, doesn’t it? Well, call it bittersweet.

My very first Friday Mish-Mash featured the Warrior Canine Connection‘s new litter of six golden retriever pups, and the wonderful live puppy-cam that was set up by and Dog Bless You. Well, this weekend will see the first farewell out of Holly’s Half-Dozen!

Abby and Lucy have been selected and matched to go to their new puppy parents and to begin training for their wonderful new jobs as therapy dogs for our soldiers. I know there are a lot of people who’ve been watching these adorable pups as they grow, and it’s hard to say goodbye. But I can’t even begin to describe the warmth in my heart that comes from thinking of these pups and their missions. They’re going to be doing such wonderful things, I can’t help but feel excited and joyful!


On a different kind of ‘goodbye’ note, check out this nifty urn that will turn your ashes into a tree after you die. Okay, the science is obviously not that simple or literal, but how neat! You can even pick what kind of tree. Of course, I’m always a little skeptical about growing trees from seed, but that would be me overthinking again.


I’m totally going to try this little instructable. Make your own solar USB charger out of an Altoids tin. With all the LARPers I know, I can’t believe no one in my circle has done this, yet.


The weekly LEGO wonder acknowledges that LEGOs in general are one of those childhood-loves-turned-hobbies I want to take up but haven’t, because of cats, dog, and too many interests as it is. One of the things that keeps my dream alive, however, is the notion of building a LEGO Dalek. So, in honor of that dream, I have a small collection of LEGO Daleks for you, both tiny and huge:


 And finally, here’s something completely random, with foul language (NSFW), and made laugh out loud muchly:


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