Maybe, Maybe-Not

In lieu of the semi-regularly scheduled programming, here, I’ve decided to just write a damn blog post. Idunno. Maybe I’ll throw in a link for Friday. We’ll see.

I’ve just been kind of thinking and observing and thinking some more lately, and it’s left me a little frustrated and very much at a loss for what the hell to say. And this is just about the books and writing end of things. Good thing I don’t even touch on politics or religion or social issues on here, or I’d never get anything done!

Right now, though, I’m just a little down and pretty much done with the internet. All this business about bestselling authors buying reviews and using sockpuppet accounts… Did I mention the bestselling part? These aren’t icky sad manky self-publishing ‘amateurs.’ These are people who supposedly ‘did their time.’ They’re apparently more legitimate as writers, because they have a publishing contract. These are the people we little n00bs are supposed to aspire to, I guess?

It’s just – after reading all the bullshit about bad author behavior, and how it’s typically self-pub or indie authors who commit these horrifically tacky crimes against readers, well, that’s bad enough, you know? I mean, it’s hard enough work writing a damned story, designing the cover, doing revisions, doing deep edits, getting feedback from crit partners, formatting everything, uploading to pertinent outlets, and marketing-without-spamming. All while fighting the stigma of a) the genre (romance), b) the subgenre (erotica), and c) the self-publishing part. I just… you know, d’you guys really have to make it harder by making the rest of us look bad?

But now, to find out that not only are reviews being purchased in huge quantities (enough that people selling reviews are making a killing at it), but that those who are supposedly doing something so much more legitimate are behaving just as poorly (in some cases, more so) – ?

End conclusion – There’s really no fucking standard, then, is there?

It should be a freeing thought. I guess in some ways it is. But it’s also frustrating, because the average consumer and reader doesn’t know about all this. The average consumer sees ‘best seller’ and number of 5-star reviews. Sure, more serious readers can apparently spot probably-fake reviews. I get that. But – eh. It’s just disheartening.

You know what’s even more frustrating than all of that stuff, though? The fact that I’ve let myself waste time reading and thinking about it! I just feel like I need to unplug for a while. Maybe just figuratively. Or maybe not. But I do need to focus more on me, on my own writing, on my own life. So I’m cutting myself a break on the blog thing – if I don’t get anything posted in a week, it’s not the end of the world. And more than that, this blog is NOT a higher priority than the books I’m writing. That should be a gimme, but apparently it’s not.

Okay, so there it is.

Oh, and a link – I DO have one of those. And it’s very important and very, VERY relevant:


The only Sock Puppets I give a flying fuck for.

(I am so excited for this, I could almost pee myself, just so you know.)


3 responses to “Maybe, Maybe-Not

  1. Cheer up! I too have gotten caught up in the sockpuppet/authors behaving badly thoughts, but really, we just need to be the better person and push on with our own stuff! I think the break from blogging might help, it might not, regardless you’ve made a choice and you can see it through.

    Hope to see you back here (in a week or so) feeling happier and having worked on your books.


    • Thanks for the words of encouragement!

      I think more than a ‘break,’ I just need to maybe reconsider my approach to blogging. I’m trying to be relevant to any potential book-audience when it comes to blog posts, but I find that takes almost more work than researching for my books.

      Of course, assigned essays were always my weak point in English classes. 😉

      Also, I’m worried that if I really take a break, I just won’t get back to it. Not that I have a huge audience right now, but still.

      Anyway, we’ll see!

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