Recharge, Reboot, Renew, Restore, rev… rev… re… vvvvvvv…

Okay, so yesh, I disappeared for a mo– er, a couple months. Yikes. I’ll admit it – I got sucked into my first (and last) MMORPG. Sadly, but fortunately-for-me, said MMO is shutting down this weekend due to lack of interest and the unfortunate decision to build the game on a flash-based platform. I deleted my account early, so that I could get my life back a week or so early.

It is sad, though – Glitch was a beautiful game with extremely brilliant wit and charm. It was so easy to get sucked in. Any idiot could play it, yet the challenges and goals were utterly addictive. And no fighting. The artwork and music were gorgeous. I truly hope that the people at Tiny Speck on the Glitch team find success in other avenues that will be fulfilling both financially and creatively.

And, speaking of.

Back to writing.

I don’t regret my 2-month hiatus. It pulled my head completely out of the game, but I needed that. It truly recharged me. I missed my plots and projects, and I’m back to the grindstone with renewed enthusiasm, which is totally great.

That’s not to say I’ll be suddenly flooding this blog with shit again – I need to keep my focus on finishing my shit.

So, there it is. I didn’t die, I wasn’t in a ditch. But I did fall briefly down the rabbit hole. I’m better now.

If anyone’s reading this, leave me a comment with a recommendation for a book with a swoony hero. I’ve also fallen out of reading, but that’s more due to frustration and boredom. I want a hero who’s not an asshole, but who is dark and angsty and swoon-worthy. Please halp. If I don’t find one soon, I might be forced to go back to Sirius Black. Okay, not necessarily canon-Sirius, but the one who lives in my smutty, swoony head-canon.


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