Hello again, lovelies!

And happy holidays or non-holidays, or whatever you care to do with the most hyped-up month of the year. I hope it treats you well and gently, whatever it is to you.

It’s just so damned gloomy where I am today. I’m having a little bit of a struggle with it. Hell, I’ve been having a bit of a struggle with a lot of things lately. But then, so is nearly everyone, it seems. Instead of bitching and whining about it, however, I’m going to take this time to ponder some things we take completely for granted, but for which I am extremely grateful. You know, things like a roof over my head, running/drinkable water, the fact that I even have internet access and a computer, food for my family and my pets, a soft bed to sleep on, books, etc.

I just finished up Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead. I really loved it and I’m excited that it’s a series, so I can continue reading it. You should check it out.

I’ll be back with more over the coming weeks as I pull my shit together and put more of myself out there. But for now, happy holidays, and here’s some yummy eye candy:



I just wish the damned sun would come out.


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