A Season of Eves

I know a ton of people already say this, but I’m terrible with subject lines. Which doesn’t bode well for the task of writing summaries, blurbs, and taglines for my books. I’m also terrible with brevity and balance – a huge challenge in storytelling. But also a challenge in blogging.

See, when I opened this window, I had a jumble of thoughts and ideas, and I was going to just say ‘fuck it’ and spew it all out here. Thankfully I reeled that one in. This isn’t my diary, after all. It’s my blog. Which means – yes, balance. And brevity.

Which brings me to the little mixed-joy announcement – I took 3rd place in General Paranormal in the Authors of Romance Launching a Star writing contest. That was a boost, since it’s the first writing contest I’ve ever entered. Even more valuable, however, was the feedback I got on my 15 pages. Really encouraging and insightful, but also a little frustrating, as, once again, I discover that my weakness is info-dump. Even after I did what I thought was some major culling of infodump.



Still, the gist of the feedback was “fix a few things and start submitting,” which tells me to keep at this writing thing, because it is worth something. Of course, that also means actually doing it, because the words won’t write themselves. Or edit themselves, as it were. Most of what I’m working on nowadays is editing and revising. Which is such grueling work, damnit. It has to be done, but it takes so long, and it’s so… NOT exciting. Still – gotta do it for it to get done.


You know what I’m really grateful for today? Sunshine. God, I love the sunshine. Last week was a mess of dreary, gloomy days, combined with the fact that they were Christmas-season days, just – ugh. So hard to believe I used to relish Seattle-like weather. Okay, sometimes I still do. I love an occasional deluge, or a cool, foggy night. But only in small doses.

Today, I have my sweet black dog curled up on her cushion in a sunbeam, I’m hangin’ on out the couch with a huge mug of coffee punched with a shot of espresso, vaping some organic blueberry cheesecake, and just relaxing. It’s good. There’s a lot of work to do, and a lot of things to handle, but for right now, I’ll take this:

sunshine pup


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