New Year Stab

There’s an interesting discussion going on over at Dear Author today, about slut-shaming in romance. I might also add, it’s a sadly common mindset among romance reading communities, too. And fandom, for that matter. I’ve been rolling my eyes and grumbling about that shit for years. The value of a woman’s “purity” or “innocence,” and the notion that it’s a special prize for the hero’s entitlement is something that makes me want to gag and/or punch something. Not that my own mindset is flawless, granted. I have no small hatred for infidelity and the glamorization/romanticization of it, and I’m pretty quick to judge that shit (caffeine-free brain cramp: is ‘romanticization’ even a word?). But I do recognize people are human and multi-faceted.

Most importantly, though, no woman ‘deserves’ or ‘asks for’ sexual assault, not even the cheapest-rated prostitute. Tell me, if you advertise a bunch of stuff on Craig’s List for really cheap, or even free, does that entitle someone to come rob your home and take all your money and belongings? Then why do women get thrown under the bus with that same ridiculous logic? Can’t remember who said it first, but I have to agree and paraphrase: if I were a man, I’d be fucking mortified by this notion that any incident of rape would be the woman’s fault, because she somehow made it impossible for a man to control himself. Just – UGH.

ONWARD to other things. HAPPY 2013! I always try and do stuff on the first of January that I hope will represent the majority of the rest of the year for me. Which is why I’m blogging, for one thing. After I finish this post, I’ll go clean myself up, moisturize some more, do some more work on this piano project of doom in my garage, work out with my husband, and spend the rest of my day on revisions.

*GULP* revisions. Yeah, that. Sooooo… evidently, even though it doesn’t show it on the website, a full manuscript is being requested for submission, from an editor/judge for that contest I entered. Yikes. I’ve never done this before, and I have a lot of work ahead of me this week. Not that I expect anything to really come of it (hell, I didn’t expect even this much from entering this contest – only wanted some professional feedback, really). But it’s uber-encouraging and has made me re-evaluate how I’ve been looking at this whole writing thing. Time to take it a bit more seriously, yeah?

Not to mention the piano industry is half-dead, and not likely to revive itself any time soon in this economy. I’ve got to be more than just one thing, professionally, this year.

So there it is. Also, my ham & black-eyed peas came out way salty. Nothing a little extra water and rice won’t fix, but there you go. Make whatever metaphor you will of it. And look for much, much more from me in the coming months.



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