That Sour Old Song and Dance

Anyone else gotten to the point where “sexism” just seems like a joke of a way of putting it? It’s too soft of a word, too vague, too much of a throwaway that people can skim and ignore. Especially when it’s used to describe the bullying bullshit women still have to endure in this our year 2013. Even narrowing it down to one person in one field of work, in one genre, Science Fiction. Go have a look at the crap Ann Aguirre has had to put up with as a SFF writer. Why the hell is this? Why are so many “men” so goddamned small and scared of women? Because that’s what it is – fear, plain and simple. Color it up in a bully’s pathetic vocabulary, it’s still just fear, and it’s still just pathetic.

The funny part to me? My husband has recently been reading through the old Conan the Barbarian books. They’re scattered all over the house, mostly in bathrooms. I decided to have a read. Am I the only person who thinks these were nothing more than bodice rippers for men? Sure, pulp fiction – I get it. But how the fuck is that any way superior in literary history to what authors with vaginas and tits have written? Of course it isn’t superior, yet it’s treated as such, or rather, the minute a female name or body appears in association with the creation of a book, it is treated as inferior to the most ridiculous male-written drek a person could pull off a shelf.

Just – UGH. So disgusted.


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