A Question About “Mixed” Marriages and/or “Same-Sex” Marriages

A few weeks ago, the stink arose over this f’ing adorable Cheerios commercial:

In addition to, “FINALLY! Why in the hell has it taken this long?!” I made the comment that I felt marriage should simply be marriage, regardless of race or sexual orientation. That’s what I believe – skin color and reproductive parts are irrelevant to love and commitment, to promise and family (with or without children).

But someone had an interesting response to that. It would take me forever to dig up the reply for exact words, but the gist was that, while my attitude was “sweet” an all, it was discriminatory of me to want to level the term to just “marriage,” and that I was essentially failing to credit or applaud those who made the choice to marry outside the racial or heteronormative well, norm.

At the time, I felt that was kind of a stretch, and that verbally segregating types of marriages to intentionally “applaud” someone’s decision that should be based on love and commitment rather than a social statement seemed… well, backwards.

But maybe I’m still evolving. Still learning.  And if that is the case, I would like to know. Anyone out there have input on this? Talk to me!


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