Friday Links are Back!

This was a interesting *ahem* look at the feminist contrasts of Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness  (SPOILERS)

4 Ways to Hold the Douchiest Wedding of All Time. Really? You have to “improve” on the m-f-ing Redwood Forests? I might also add that I was incredibly disappointed that Sting was apparently in attendance at that clusterfuck. Unless I’m reading things wrong. (Please tell me I’m reading it wrong.)

22 Maps That Show the Deepest Linguistic Conflicts in the US. Just – click through on this one. Click through at least until you get to “What do you call it when the rain falls when the sun is shining?” I’m still laughing.

And finally, The Clearest Lake In the World. Here’s hoping it stays that way! Wonder how the water tastes?


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