It’s not Friday but I don’t care… LINKS!

This was all over my friends feeds today. As someone suffering living in Georgia. I completely relate. Why the hell do I live here, again? Oh, right. Because I haven’t made enough money yet to move somewhere more tolerable in climate (both weather and political/social). Sadly, her original video has embed disabled, so here’s the hyperlink. (You should actually check out krissychula’s whole channel. She’s funny, smart, and has a killer voice, too.)

Here’s the embed for those of you lazy folks! (language NSFW, but freakin’ awesome)

In other things I can completely relate to, please check out this completely awesome comic about life as an introvert.

And finally, for now, if you haven’t already gotten sucked into it, please go check out Quinoa and her stylish adventures with her little friends Chevron, Ridley, Paxil, Aioli, Paleo, and more at My Imaginary Well Dressed Toddler Daughter.



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