Tuesday Links!

As frustrating as it is here in America, it’s a scary place for LGBT people in Russia right now.

On a lighter, more hopeful note, however, people have been making good use of our trash. A house made out of recycled plastic bottles? Not only is it a great, cheap use of our waste, but it’s functional as hell – the fact that the bottles are filled with dried soil and construction waste and sealed with mud makes the house bullet- and earthquake-resistant. AND well-insulated. Another report said that the interior stays in the mid-sixties year-round. Plus, it looks damn cool, too.

Were you at SDCC? RWA13? I wasn’t at either (no moolah!). But I was at both in heart. Bonnie Burton just shared this fantastic video by the DoubleClicks:

Pretty much sums it.

It’s only Tuesday. How’s your week?


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