Two biggies today:

  • Finally… FINALLY, The Switch is complete and released for your reading enjoyment! You’ll notice it’s the first in the Beldenbrook Downs series. Meaning, I couldn’t just write a hot BDSM story involving naughty things with a riding crop. No, the side characters had to have their way, and now it’s a series-in-progress. The next story, The Beard, promises to be a doozy. In the meantime, you can get yourself warmed up by clicking through any of the links over there on the right. Thanks!
  • I’M FORTY, BITCHES! And I’m seriously fucking stoked. I think people are a little weirded out, surprised, whatever, by the way I am ’embracing’ it. My siblings are freaked out because I’m the baby and now I’m FORTY.I just don’t see the big deal about it. Or at least, I don’t see the big negative about it. I can go cougar now! I don’t have to worry about ‘hitting’ forty anymore. And it just seems like your thirties are spent with this odd sense of losing your youth, of moving farther and farther away from your twenties. Meanwhile, the forties and beyond are a whole new era of awesomeness. I can act my age, but I also get to define just what that means – in whatever way I please. Honestly, the only sobering thing about turning forty is the fact that it really is time to take health a lot more seriously. Okay, so it’s a sobering thing, but not necessarily a bad thing, y’know?

    And I don’t know – I guess maybe it’s because I always thought I’d reach my forties and go really artsy eclectic and move to Paris, take on several hot, young lovers, and write novels or paint abstracts. Well, I’m married and broke, so some of that is out of the question. But as I get older, ‘eclectic’ feels more and more like ‘normal.’ And at least there’s the writing thing!

    So, here. It’s my birthday, have some hotties (and buy my smut!):


tumblr_mos4rrQlT01r5tvn4o1_500 tom_hiddleston_01



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