tumblrs you should be following

Do you Tumblr? I kind of do. But only for following interesting shit. Or hottie hawt men/eyecandy. So, I thought I’d share some of what I consider to be interesting shit. Okay, and probably some eyecandy, too.

Awesome People Hanging Out Together (pretty self-explanatory)

Fuckyeah Remington Steele -awesome source of gifs and captures from the timeless classic television series, Remington Steele. Oh, Pierce Brosnan. You were the source of so many teenaged lustdreams…

MirrorMaskCamera (frequently NSFW) this is a steady stream of oddities, sometimes gruesome, sometimes hauntingly beautiful, other times fucked up or poignant or all of the above.  Plus, their user icon is Lain from my favorite anime series.

Victorian Houses because Victorian Houses.

Mansion of the Day – a feed of random mansions for sale across the globe, linking to the real estate listings, usually with photo tours, etc. Hey, it’s research. And on a similar note,

Rich Kids of Instagram – don’t look at this one if your temper is short or your tolerance for spoiled brats is low. I like to follow it for inspiration for my Beldenbrook Downs series. Could totally see Rosalyn, Corbin, Peter, Grayson, and the gang posting their Ferraris and polo ponies to Instagram.

Some feeds of pictures of my boys, Henry Cavill, David Gandy, and Taylor Kitsch. Who needs Tom Hiddleston? Well, okay…

Title2Come is a hilariously accurate feed of author-related gifs and jpgs.


Suri’s Burn Book – a satirical feed of commentary from the fictional point of view of Suri Cruise. So much awesome.


Got any suggestions for other interesting tumblrs to follow? Leave a comment below!



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