New Fun for Hump Days, from the Toy Box!

So, I’ve decided that since my darling friend and cohort Rhys Astason has her humpday hotties, maybe I’ll add a little fuel to the fire with a new idea – Humpday Toybox!

Now, I have neither the time nor funds to make this a review-concept (much as I’d love to!), but I do love me some toy shopping. Yes, that kind of toy. And, I did get a new glass friend in the mail today, although I’m jacked up on shark week at the moment so I don’t even get to have fun with it. I mean, I technically could, but I really don’t want to deal with the mess. TMI? Eh, given the holiday, it could also qualify as a TMI Tuesday thing. Oh, well!

Anyway, today’s Humpday Toybox is brought to you by the wonders of glass!

(Icicles #17 Glass Dildo)

(Icicles #17)

Simple, beautiful, and incredibly easy to clean, glass dildos are a wonderful toy for getting to know your G-spot or P-spot. They also hold up to extreme temperature changes, so plop it in a glass of hot water or stick it in the freezer for some temperature play. They don’t have any give, so you can’t just go ramming them around – they’re for a more subtle kind of play, imo. While they are durable, you have to be careful where you point that thing.

Glass (or Pyrex or borosilicate) toys range from affordable to extravagant, but across the board they are known as the most durable, clean, and tolerable/hypoallergenic material for sex toys. And if you’re like me and you have pets, fucking pet hair shows up everywhere. It’s kind of a mood-killer to have to run to the bathroom to re-clean your toys when all you wanted was a quick romp and you find cat or dog hairs clinging to the silicon of your rabbit vibe.

Here, have some links and reviews of glass:

(I really want this Swarovsky Star Delight, after reading this review!)

If you’re looking to explore more penetrative pleasures, I totally recommend glass, my friends. All the way. Just – take your time and be careful.

And if not, have a hottie:

Oh, Ruffalo.

Why yes, as a matter of fact, I am a Banner fangirl.


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