Mondays are for Smutting, Fighting, Writing.

I absolutely loved this post at SmutWriters likening sex scenes to fight scenes. Especially since it clued me in to some lectures by the great Brandon Sanderson! I’ve only read the first of his Mistborn series so far, but man, what a book. What world-building. His magical system was so inventive, and I love his characters.

Watching his ten-minute lecture about writing fight scenes got me thinking about my own strengths and weaknesses. Sex scenes always take forever for me to write – not because it’s so uncomfortable or hard, but because I always want to get it just right. And also because if I’m doing it right, I have to take frequent cooldown breaks and/or attack the husband. Hey, the whole point is to write it hot. And if I don’t find it hot, then you probably won’t as a reader.

Also, though, my sex scenes tend to be epic. Or, at least, they used to. I hope I’ve succeeded at reining them in some, but then the tradeout is evidently briefer sex scenes, but more of them. I mean, have you read The Switch, yet? It’s mostly smut and sex. But rather than one very long, drawn-out sexual encounter, we have one long, drawn-out night of marathon smut. Okay, so I’m still learning.

Anyway, hope your Monday is going well! I’m off to tackle more of The Beard. I’ve quickly fallen in love with these characters, and suddenly Will is playing the piano. WHAT a cliche, right? Let’s hope not.

Also, I’ve been watching Deadwood a lot lately. I know I can’t be the only one who gets twitchy about the way everyone says ‘anyways’ in the wild west.


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