Wednesday Toybox, sans Toys.

Sorry, y’all – I’m calling this one in and just making it a humpday hottie. I have the FIL coming at some unknown time, I’m in a funk, and I need a shower and not in a good way.

WTF with the FIL, though. I’ve been part of this family for going on 8 years, and my husband’s parents still mystify me. They’re not bad people – I do love them, and even like them here and there. The FIL is a character – sometimes in a good way, other times in a completely fucking exasperating way. Like the fact that we’re lucky if we get a week’s notice on these visits. And I can’t recall a time when the man has EVER made one of these visits on a weekend. It’s always in the middle of the goddamn week, and then he lectures his son on getting a better job. He wants us to visit more, and take roadtrips with him out to California and Key West. But then he lectures his son on getting a better job. D’ya see where I’m going with this? Anyway. At SOME point today, there will theoretically be a truck and camper pulling up outside my house, driving my dog batshit, and I’ll get to play hostess to the man who doesn’t believe in modern technology or the internet, who still asks *me* what *I* plan on doing for a long-term career (hello? I’ve been a moderately successful piano technician for twelve years), and who refers to romance novels as “heaving bosom books”…



Which reminds me – I need to make a liquor store run.


In the meantime, have some hotness:




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