White Noise / Grey Matter / Monochrome Blahs


This was bouncing around my FaceBook feed recently. It’s just something I need to remember.  You know, the reasons why we write.

The other morning, I woke up briefly from dreaming about listening to this man. And made a very strong mental note to go back and listen to more Kevin Gilbert again.

It’s just – I’ve been so disconnected and scattered and numb lately. It’s really fucking hard to make yourself write, or practice piano, or even read or listen when you’re in that place. And the problem compounds itself, for me, anyway, because not listening, not reading or playing or writing just makes it worse until I spiral out into a space of vast, grey, blahness. It’s almost like depression, but not. Just – flatness.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s important – music, headphones, beautiful things, art. These things are so important to living. Turn off the internet, turn off the tv. Go back to the beginning.


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