Wednesday Toybox / Humpday Hottie

I’m feeling a little dubious about today’s toybox picks. Maybe I’m just in a cynical mood or something, but they both seem a little silly and / or overpriced. Then again, this isn’t a review series so much as a look around at what’s out there. That said, let’s take a look first at the Leaf company. More vibes that don’t look like vibes. Leaf seems to be going for the ‘nature’ (as opposed to natural) look. I can’t help but imagine someone with too much money (or an endorsement, *cough*) making a big, goofy, greenery ‘arrangement’ out of all these abstract, curvy toys.

Here’s something I thought was pretty clever – Restraint Tape that only sticks to itself. Exclusively for sexytiems. However, at $40 a roll, it doesn’t even specify just how much of this stuff you’re getting. And, looking at the rest of the Kiki De Montparnasse website, I’m seeing a lot of painfully overpriced shit. Like the Lelo Soraya vibe isn’t already breathtaking at a msrp of $199, they’re trying to sell it for $350? Don’t get ripped off by shiny websites, people. (The model they’re selling is available on amazon for $140) Oh, on second thought, a simple goddamned search on amazon reveals that you can get 65 feet self-sticking restraint tape for $6.05.  Don’t get ripped off, kids.

Finally on to the hotties. I have mixed feelings about my hottie pick this week. I’d originally thought I’d share my new mini-crush on Sleepy Hollow’s Ichabod Crane, Tom Mison:

Yummy Ichy

Yummy Ichy

But the truth is, lately I find myself more and more fascinated with the straightlaced, mature-geek, tightly-reined hotness of Agent Phil Coulson:



…what? Can’t you just see him completely unraveling in the bedroom? Personally, I think he’s probably super-dominant and crazy-kinky. Oh, yeah.

must… not… fanfic…


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