The Return of the Friday Mish-Mash! Bullshit, procrastination, beauty, and education!

First up, 10 Kinds of Disingenuous Bullshit That Need to Go Away in 2014. A-fucking-men.

Next, an insanely poignant and accurate piece on Why Procrastinators Procrastinate.

Here’s a gorgeous imgur set depicting what Disney villains would look like if they were ‘beautiful’.

If your 2014 has plans to learn more, you can actually get a college education for free, courtesy of the internet. This isn’t some crazy spam-o gimmick – link points to a list of sites like the Khan Academy, EdX, and MIT’s Open Courseware.

And finally, for your wintry prettiness, here is some large-scale snow art by Simon Beck, who walks all day to form these beautiful creations. 


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