Weekend Mashup!

Hey y’all! In case you missed it, we here in the ATL area got buttfucked sans lube this week in the form of traffic mayhem and government failure. For a pretty good rant/summary of what went wrong, and how ridiculous this whole thing was, I refer you to Jon Stewart. For a more straightforward explanation sans mockery, Spencer Hall nailed it with his piece, ‘Here’s How Hothlanta Happened (Again)’. It’s funny now, but it certainly wasn’t Tuesday night when my husband was stuck in icy gridlock for literally 22 hours.

I LOVED this little video-story about a 17-year-old Jewel Moore who petitioned Disney for a plus-sized princess. In return, one talented artist made of awesome drew her as one.

I can’t stop looking at this incredible makeup artistry by Stephanie Fernandez. No explanation – just click.

And finally, there’s the odd/sad/concerning story of a haunted little house near Gary, Indiana.  Regardless of whether or not you believe in this sort of thing, one thing we all absolutely have to believe is that the purchase of this house by Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures can only result in eventual hilarity. I seriously cannot wait!


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