Music Monday: Selfie Edition

Once upon a time, before I wrote stories (well, before I went back to writing stories), I wrote music. And sang and played it, and recorded it. I made an album, with the help of two incredibly talented friends. And then – I dropped the ball. I didn’t release it, didn’t market or sell it. I don’t know why. Well, I kind of know why, but that explanation would just devolve into a bunch of dumb psychobabble. Anyway, I recently decided to at least just put the damned thing out there. I’m still proud of it, some songs more than others. And it’s not like I’m going to take over the world with my music, anyway. People may as well be able to hear it. So, today’s Music Monday is some shameless self-promotion.


Reverbnation, btw, is one of the most annoying and user-unfriendly sites I’ve dealt with in a while. At least from the artists’ end. Listening is pretty easy, though. Enjoy! Or, not.


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