I’m just going to go ahead and say it.

I think Nutella is overrated. Don’t get me wrong – I’ll spoon the fuck out of that shit. But I keep seeing all these “OMG AMAAAAZING” recipes involving gobs and gobs of Nutella in like, everything. It’s not THAT great, people.

Come at me.

Or come back to me when they start making Nutella with dark chocolate. Then we’ll talk.

Race ya.

As much as I like to claim I’m being a writer, I have grappled with saying anything of my own about Ferguson. Because I have so many goddamned feelings of anger, helplessness, grief, frustration, incredulous disbelief, sadness, and hopelessness. And I simply don’t have the eloquence and patience to cover all my bases and form all of my own brainstuff into anything that would even touch how spot-on this post is. I am in tears. And I’m really grateful someone out there put the right thoughts and words together for me.

Link/Quote of massive awesome by one of the greatest songwriters of all time

I became awesome through work, and focus, a tiny bit of talent, and a massive amount of persistence. And let’s not forget about luck. That’s the key point. Without that, nothing happens right in the world. I started out awful. And I ended up awesome for all of those reasons, and anybody can do it, all you have to do is devote your life and your mind and your heart to it, and you’re on your way going in the right direction.

-Neil Diamond, from 10/16/2014 Reddit AMA


Wednesday Toybox: A Different Kind of Rabbit

We’re all familiar with the rabbit-style vibe (well, we should be, anyway). Everyone seems to make one of some kind or another (there are even glass rabbits!). They vibrate in the “rabbit” part and sometimes in the shaft, some have rotating beads, some have a rotating head (my personal fav), some even thrust, light up in the dark, or have a third protrusion for your bum. From the cheap Amazon-deal, to a luxury Soraya by Lelo (seriously, if anyone want to gift me one of these, I’m not too proud to accept toys from strangers) – rabbits are everywhere, and pretty standard in basic intent.

Except… wait…

disapproving bunny disapproves of my ignorance

disapproving bunny disapproves of my ignorance

What the hell is this? This Muse-Vibe rabbit looks – Idunno if he’s cute or terrifying. And how the hell does that even wo – oooooooooooh, *I* get it! It’s a clit-hugging bunny vibe! And on a similar but far more artsy and vague note, there’s this Iroha vibe? I guess the Sakura Pink is the only somewhat rabbit-like vibe there, but I’m way intrigued. In fact, I’m kind of loving all these sculpture-like vibes I’m seeing out there, so keep an eye out for them in upcoming Wednesdays.

Meanwhile, have some more delicious mancandy:

Oh sorry, it's more Ruffalo. Except I'm totally NOT sorry.

Oh sorry, it’s more Ruffalo. Except I’m totally NOT sorry.

To the Guys Who Threw Eggs at Me Tonight

I’ve never reblogged anything before, but I’m doing it now. This is a disgusting vs. awesome display of humanity, and you should read it.

Dances With Fat

Who throws and eggI was five miles into a nine mile training walk for my upcoming marathon when your car pulled up beside me, I didn’t think much of it until I heard you yell “HEY FAT BITCH!”  I stopped and turned to look at you and you took that opportunity to throw 2 eggs and, somewhat inexplicably, an empty egg carton, at me. (Picture at the bottom of this blog)

To recap – adult males threw the eggs and carton at me for daring to exist outside my house in a fat body.  Of course they are utter cowards who sped away immediately, leaving me with so many questions:

  • First of all, how did you come to have 2 eggs and an egg carton in your car? Did you throw the first ten at other fatties, or are you now dealing with 10 eggs and no carton in your car?
  • Were these…

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Friday is drugs and Daleks and pretty men!

New addition to the Friday line-up, y’all! I gotta do it. Hotness of the week. It’s totally because of tumblr and the fact that images on my posts show up in the preview thingy when it goes over thataways. That said, I now spin the wheel of hormality and it lands on…

Henry Cavill, Man of Steel, come on down! (Gotta squeeze you in here in case you really do get miscast as Christian Grey and lose all status in my harem.)

Alrighty, then! Onward!

This fabulously crafty Whovian Mom made a Doctor Who quiet book for her 2-year-old. The awesomeness is off the charts with this one:

Brushing the weeping angels’ teeth? I don’t even…

I’m only just now beginning to look in the direction of Breaking Bad, but for this week’s Lego pick, I had to share this Lego Breaking Bad Meth Lab.:

And, while we’re on the topic of drugs, there’s also this:

No, I don’t actually watch MLP FiM, but I am familiar enough with it to appreciate this wtf-tastic take on one of my favorite wtf-tastic 80s songs.

Finally, there’s something new and beautiful on the horizon for the number “50.” It’s Mark Z. Danielewski’s upcoming release, The Fifty Year Sword.   The packaging on this baby looks simply delicious. But I am purposefully not reading that article, or anything about the book. I’m going to hit this one completely blind. If you’re not yet familiar with Danielewski, or the name only rings a bell, he’s the author of House of Leaves, an artistic, psychological spook-fest mind-warp masterpiece thingy. Also, he’s brother to the beautiful and magnificent Ann Danielewski, AKA Poe.

(I have actually decided that I need to go on a Danielewski bender, re-read HoL, hit The Whalestoe Letters, and tackle Only Revolutions before this fall. It’ll be like old times, reading real, honest to god paper books…)